Code of Conduct

XSYS is committed to conducting its business, including its partnerships with suppliers, in compliance with high ethical and legal standards. We at XSYS strongly believe that ethical business practices are critical to building a strong and sustainable business. Our aim is to ensure that the integrity and honesty of XSYS, its officers, employees, and business partners is never in question. We are confident you share these goals and will accordingly join us in supporting the integrity and compliance initiatives.
As one initiative, our Supplier Code of Conduct is now part of the Conditions of Purchasing. This will enhance our compliance program.

Supplier Code of Conduct
This Supplier Code of Conduct has been created for the purpose of ensuring that our suppliers abide by the XSYS Code of Conduct, provide safe working conditions for their employees and treat them with respect. Their production processes should be responsible and environmentally friendly. The Supplier Code of Conduct reflects internationally accepted standards of social and environmental responsibility in addition to our company’s high expectations for ethical business behavior. We relied on a number of sources to develop our Supplier Code of Conduct including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Global Compact, the International Labor Organization, ISO 14001 and our industry representative organization.