Papir Print partners with XSYS to optimize their workflow


As brand owners continue to demand quick time to market and fast turnarounds, packaging printers are searching to increase their efficiency and automation through the production process. Customers like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestlé and Dr. Oetker demand high quality with competitive price models and short delivery times. Papir Print’s biggest challenge is to meet their customers’ needs. With Multi-Tec and XSYS, Papir Print has found a reliable team with high quality products and particularly good service.


The new technologies of XSYS rotec® sleeves and adapters seem very promising. We are always interested in improving our productivity”, stated Milan Kolakovic, Head of Pre Press and Printing Department. “All our sleeves are from rotec® and we are pretty satisfied with them. New technologies suits well with our new W&H press”.

Papir Print is using rotec® products since 2005, including the rotec® Blue Light Sleeve and Lightweight Sleeve, as well as the patented rotec® Eco Bridge adapter, with its innovative air flow. “The specific benefits of rotec® sleeves and adapters are durability, easy handling and lifetime. These characteristics help us to fulfill the requirements of our customers. The rotec® Lightweight Sleeves are up to 42% lighter and significantly easier to handle. The rotec® Eco Bridge allows us to be faster during mounting”, said Milan Kolakovic.

The proven polyurethane surface of the rotec® products is one of the most scratch- and solvent-resistant surfaces available on the market today. The durability and extended product lifetime gives the customer more return on their investment.

The rotec® Eco Bridge is a patented adapter technology with an innovative, unique way to supply the air to the sleeve for mounting, offering significant advantages compared to the historical standard adapters. Instead of air holes, there is a breathable metal ring on the operator side, which distributes the air from the cylinder across the entire circumference of the adapter.

rotec® Eco Bridge

An immediate air pillow is created and allows the rotec® Eco Bridge to mount sleeves considerably easier and faster. At Papir Print,the compressed air volume required on press and in the plate-mounting area has been significantly reduced. The workflow of Papir Print has been optimized to be more efficient and productive. The prepress area is working faster and easier, prepress times and set up time has been reduced too.


The business relationship between Papir Print, Multi-Tec and XSYS is highly professional, with a great service and fast response to any needs. ”XSYS is the leader in flexographic solutions, with a lot of innovations, and good representation via their distributor and partner Multi-Tec in Serbia. A constant highlight in working with XSYS is the reliable support at any time with a very fast responding action”, said Milan Kolakovic.