nyloflex® XVH 114 D

Out of the box the most versatile thermal plate with flat top dots and ability to add a surface screening pattern

Plate thickness:
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Product Overview

  • Thermal Plate
  • Flat Top Dot-Smooth
  • Paper
  • GD2
  • Film
  • All Ink Types
  • Digital


  • Best properties for a flexo plate in the Tag & Label in one plate for all inks to combine jobs efficiently with minimum plate waste
  • Excellent ink transfer and better impression latitude out of the box due to inherent flat top dots
  • Reduced downtime due to Anti-Ink-Filling (AIF) properties keeping plate clean for longer runs
  • Quick to color minimizing start-up time and waste
  • Compatible with the same screening and pre-press technologies used for solvent plates
  • A standard UV tube exposure system is sufficient, no need to invest into newer technology
  • Low highlight dot gain for consistent print quality over longer print runs

Suitable equipment

nyloflex® XVH Digital plates may be exposed using any nyloflex® exposure system and all similar de-vices and can be used with all laser systems suitable for imaging flexo printing plates. nyloflex® XVH Digital plates must be processed with the nyloflex® Xpress Thermal Processor.

Printing inks

Suitable for all UV, water based and solvent based printing inks (ethyl acetate content preferably below 15%, ketone content preferably below 5%).

Processing information

A detailed description of the imaging, exposure and finishing steps, as well as detailed information about handling and storing, can be found in the nyloflex® User Guide.

High quality standard

XSYS printing plates are produced at Willstätt production site, which is certified according to international standards for quality management (DIN EN ISO 9001:2015), environmental management (DIN EN ISO14001:2015) and energy management (DIN EN ISO 50001:2018).


Color of raw plate
light blue
Total thickness (mm)
Hardness acc. to DIN 53505
Plate hardness (Shore A)
Recommended relief depth (mm)
Tonal range (%)
at screen ruling of (l/cm)
Fine line width (down to μm)
Isolated dot diameter (down to μm)
Back exposure (s)
Main exposure (min)
Post exposure UV-A (min)
Light finishing UV-C (min)

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The standard in high quality flexo printing

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