nyloflex® Exposure F V E

Premium exposure system with high UV output for high quality and productivity

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High quality and efficiency due to high UV output and effective temperature control

  • Exposure unit clamshell type
  • Consistent, uniform exposure with very high output UV-A tubes*, perfectly suitable for reproduction of high definition screens and finest images
  • Effective temperature control system with integrated chiller and lamp air cooling system. Lamp temperature is automatically adjusted

Easy and comfortable handling

  • Equipped with an automatic pneumatic lid with integrated safety switches
  • Flexibility as the control display can be placed on the right or left side


*The UV-A output of the high intensity lamps increases by up to 15% compared to standard UVA 10R lamps. This makes them perfectly suitable for the reproduction of high definition screens and the finest images in flexo form processing. Due to higher UV-A output and improved stability during operating time, the new lamp generation meets the requirements of the highest quality standards. Longer life, and therefore reduced replacement cycles, makes them cost-efficient and user-friendly. Due to this optimization we recommend checking the dot gain curves after a new installation, and if applicable, to recalibrate these.


Maximum plate size (W x L)
1320 mm x 2032 mm (52" x 80")
Electrical connection
400 V/ 50/60 Hz (3 Ph/N/PE)
Electrical connection
230 V/ 50/60 Hz (3Ph/PE)
Nominal curent
11 A / 19 A
Nominal power
7 kW
Compressed air
6 mm Ø, min 7 bar (0.24", min 102 PSI)
Exhaust air flow rate
100 W/ high intensity tubes with reflector
Weight (approx.) net
1020 kg (2249 lbs)
Weight (approx.) gross
1350 kg (2976 lbs)
Crate dimensions (W x D x H)
3480 mm x 2120 mm x 1490 mm (137.0" x 83.5" x 58.7")
Recommended ambient temp.
20 - 25 °C (68 - 77 °F)


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