nyloflex® Digital Processor FIII IP

Premium quality incremental processor with pre-wash section for digital layer separation

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Digital layer separation and constant, repeatable washout speed

  • 3D brush motion system with servo driven motors automatically synchronizes the brush rotation and oscillation to the plate transfer speed, ensuring a constant and repeatable washout speed
  • Digital layer separation washout with separate pre-wash section to prevent contamination
  • Constant solvent temperature due to water circulation coil

Process control and efficient solvent usage

  • Fresh solvent consumption control over the machine life cycle and programmable over a time frame. Fresh solvent flow regulation option on the touch screen. Automatic solvent replenishment
  • Component visualization during the processing. Volumetric pump and sensitive pressure sensor allow a higher precision solid content analyzer

Easy-to-use and comfortable handling

  • Programmable automatic solvent temperature control for optimal operating solvent temperature
  • Automatic standby after the last plate processed
  • Delivered with a stand-alone, external punching device


Maximum plate size (W x L)
920 mm x 1200 mm (36" x 48")
Minimum plate size (W x L)
200 mm x 100 mm (7.9" x 3.9")
Plate thickness
0.7 mm - 7 mm (0.028" - 0.276")
Electrical connection
400 V/ 50/60 Hz (3 Ph/N/PE)
Electrical connection
230 V/ 50/60 Hz (3 Ph/PE)
Nominal current
10 A / 18 A
Nominal powe
6.5 kW
Exhaust air flow rate
140 mm Ø/ 600 m3/h
Compressed air
6 mm Ø/ min 7 bar (0.24"/ min 102 PSI)
Fresh solvent connection
16 mm Ø
Waste solvent connection
16 mm Ø
Weight (approx.) net
1030 kg (2271 lbs)
Weight (approx.) gross
1350 kg (2996 lbs)
Crate dimensions (W x D x H)
3830 x 2000 x 1380 mm (150.8" x 78.7" x 54.3")
Recommended ambient temp
20 - 25 °C (68 - 77 °F)


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