Digital Process installs third ThermoFlexX imager from XSYS

The Pakistani prepress specialist has acquired a ThermoFlexX TFxX 80S imager, the third in as many years and the largest in the range, to support customers in the corrugated market in moving from analogue to digital flexo plates, as the company expands with a second facility.

Willstaett, Germany. 13 October 2022 – Prepress specialist, Digital Process (Pvt) Ltd, is on a journey of growth and innovation to bring its entire customer base the best quality in flexo plates. Over the past three years, the Karachi-based repro house has replaced all its older imagers with an impressive lineup of ThermoFlexX technology which covers the entire gamut of segments, from labels to flexible packaging and now also corrugated post-print.       

While many competitors in the region are focused solely on costs, Digital Process stands out with its decision to introduce a new level of quality thanks to its resolute investment in three ThermoFlexX imagers from XSYS. The latest installation of the large ThermoFlexX TFxX 80S comes hot on the heels of a ThermoFlexX TFxX 48 bought just last year and a ThermoFlexX TFxX 60 in 2019. As such, the company can now cater to every need of its many customers, which include some of the biggest printing companies and their global brand clients across Pakistan, India, the Middle East and Africa.

Founded in 2006, Digital Process continues to lead the way in flexo platemaking in Pakistan with the latest technologies and solutions. Founder and CEO Zain Fazal reflects on the company’s experience with XSYS and the ThermoFlexX technology, “We produce over 10,000 sqm of photopolymer plate material each year, and our customers expect best-in-class products and services from us. The ThermoFlexX imagers support us in being able to meet and even exceed these expectations. This robust and innovative technology has already more than proven itself in our busy working environment for our label and flexible packaging clients; we are now ready to extend this service to the corrugated market.”

With the new ThermoFlexX TFxX 80S, the repro house can offer flexo plates in sizes up to 2032 x 1270mm (80 x 50”) in thicknesses of 0.73–6.35mm (0.029–0.25 inches). The imager can deliver an exceptionally high image quality with a maximum resolution of 5080 dpi equivalent to 250 lpi, but also offers adaptable levels of resolutions for those applications that require less brilliance.  

Such has been the success of the ThermoFlexX imagers that Digital Process is already planning to invest in a fourth machine as part of an expansion in the northern part of Pakistan. “We are opening a new manufacturing facility in Lahore to offer a more local service to customers there and we are very much doing this on the back of the technology and the fantastic partnership we have established with XSYS,” said Mr Fazal. “We get the best service I have ever experienced from the XSYS team and that goes right back to when we first started buying Flint plates 15 years ago. Technical manager, Yves Vanryckeghem, is always available and he makes us feel like we are the most important client. He even advised us which spare parts to keep in stock, so we can avoid unwanted downtime if anything needs replacing.” 

Yves Vanryckeghem replied, “I must admire Digital Process and the determination to invest in the best solutions on offer in the face of a very volatile market, where many choose to cut corners and buy in cheap low-quality machines without thinking about the real costs. ThermoFlexX imaging technology produces high-quality plates all day, every day – 24/7 if needed – with just minimum waste and that makes them the sustainable choice for the long term. Zain and the team have the longevity, the quality and the support to easily fight off the competition and we are honored to be part of that battle.”