ThermoFlexX TFxX 30

The most productive imager for the label and dry-offset markets.

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Max plate size 635 x 762mm (25 x 30”)
Steel back letterpress plates can be handled with optional Hybrid (vacuum/magnetic) drum

Plug & Play
With it’s compact, single footprint design, ThermoFlexX 30 fits into the tightest of spaces. Air supply and filtered dust extraction  are all built in. Simply plug into a normal (single-phase) mains electrical supply.

Highest Resolution and Flexibility
ThermoFlexX imagers offer the ultimate choice of resolutions. Any of the following resolutions can be provided: 2400, 2540, 4000, 4800 or 5080 dpi, with automatic “resolution switching” matching laser optics to file resolution. Higher resolution image handling, for example 10,160 dpi, is available for security print applications. Hybrid drums (vacuum channels and magnets for steel backed letterpress plates) are a reasonably priced option.

Waste Saving Features
No other digital imager offers the unique Vacuum Slider Concept (VSC). Any width of plate can be loaded quickly and easily without the need for taping. Full imaging speed is maintained with a full vacuum level making partial plates equally fast and accurate. Plate cut-offs or ‘scraps’ can be used without complication.



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