nyloprint® WS 230 S D

Water washable poly chablon plate for security and banknote printing

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Product Overview

  • Water
  • Steel
  • Digital


Product Features

  • Used for inking-up the gravure cylinders in intaglio printing presses
  • Improves the accuracy and print quality especially in high security printing (e.g. banknotes, shares, passports, stamps, etc.)
  • Development based on many years of experience in security printing and in close cooperation with users
  • Water washable plates – only pure tap water is needed
  • Optimal ink transfer due to soft relief layer
  • High contrast colour change after exposure gives additional security in the assessment of the plate quality even before washout process

Advantages of nyloprint® WS 230 S Digital

Higher print quality

  • For highest dimension stability
  • No defects caused by dust and damaged films
  • No data loss during transfer
  • Smoother plate surface can achieve higher density
  • Highly consistent especially when repeating plate processing

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

  • No film costs
  • Electronic filing of graphics, film storage is redundant
  • Easy and fast data exchange – worldwide

Suitable equipment

The nyloprint® WS plates can be processed with nyloprint® processing equipment and all similar devices. The nyloprint® WS-S Digital can be used with all IR-laser systems suitable for imaging letterpress plates. For washout the use of brushes in the washer is recommended.

Washout medium

For washout only pure tap water is needed.

Processing information

A detailed description of the individual platemaking steps, as well as detailed information about processing and storing can be found in the nyloprint® User Guide.

High quality standard

nyloprint® printing plates are manufactured according to DIN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 14001 and DIN ISO 50001 standards and requirements. This process guarantees our customers consistent high quality products and services.


Base Material
steel 0.3 mm (0.012“)
Colour of raw plate
Total thickness (mm) (inch)
2.30 (0.091")
Plate hardness (Shore D)
Relief depth (mm) (inch)
1.95 (0.077")
Fine line width (down to μm)
Isolated dot diameter (down to μm)
Distortion factor (mm) (inch)
12.56 (0,49")
Main exposure at 15 mW/cm3 (min)
Washout in brush washer at 45°C / 113° F
12 min / 80 – 100 mm/min
Drying time at 80°C / 176°F (min)
Post exposure (min)

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