nyloprint® WKF 40

The nyloprint® WKF40 and WKF40 D is a correction foil based plate for date codes in tubes, cups and can printing.

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Product Overview

  • Foil
  • Water
  • Letterpress
  • Analogue


The nyloprint® WKF40 and WKF40 D correction foil plate is a water washable plate with a thin
polyester base. The digital version has a laser ablative mask layer (LAMS). The plate formulation is
equivalent to the nyloprint® WF-H or WF-HD, but it is thinner and has a lower relief depth to meet the
requirements for small correction or replacements.

The nyloprint® WKF 40/D is used in order to make small changes within existing processed steel based
nyloprint® plates, such as small letters, numbers, logos or especially date codes.


Base Material
Colour of raw plate
Total thickness (mm) (inch)
0.43 (0.017”)
Relief depth (mm) (inch)
0.27 (0.0106”)
Tonal range (%)
1 – 98%
Fine line width (down to μm)
Isolated dot diameter (down to μm)
Laser energy (J/cm2 ) approx.
~ 2.8
Main exposure (min)
Washout time
Washout temperature
28°C / 82.4° F
Drying time at 60°C / 140°F (min)
Post exposure (min)

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