nyloflex® Cutting Table F IV

Cutting table designed for cutting foil
based photopolymer printing plates

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Excellent quality and consistency

  • Wide Wed format, suitable for processing high quality photopolymer plates up to a maximum of 1600 mm (62”) and up to a thickness of 7 mm (0.275”)
  • Precise and safe cutting of polyester foil based plates with
    clean burr-free edges
  • Angle cutting at any desired angle between 0º and 40º

Easy and convenient operation

  • Adjustable cutting speed depending on the plate thickness
  • Operation with rotating knives
  • Optional: extension table


Maximum cutting width
1600 mm (62”)
Maximum cutting thickness
7 mm (0.28”)
Max. load capacity of the worktop
50 kg
Cutter forward speed (variable)
1-11 m/min
Cutter reverse speed (fixed)
approx. 15 m/min
Knife rotating speed
0 – 180 rpm (factory setting 180 rpm)
Operating voltage
200 – 600 V (factory setting at 400 V ( 3-phase)
Rated voltage
3-ph / 400 V
Rated current (based on factory setting voltage)
1,5 A
Current consumption (based on factory setting voltage)
Max. 10 A
Control voltage
Weight (excl. extension table) approx.net
262 kg (578 lbs)
Weight (excl. extension table) approx. gross
512 kg (1129 lbs)
Crate dimensions (W x D x H)
1250 x 2400 x 1650 mm (49.2 x 94.5 x 65.0“)


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