Dryer F IV-V D

Premium quality system for drying of
photopolymer flexo printing plates

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Product Overview


Excellent productivity and consistency

  • Uniform temperature distribution through the three separate drying chambers
  • Touch screen displays all necessary times and settings and offers counters of operating hours
  • High efficient exhaust air extraction system for maximum efficiency and safety.
  • Adjustable start time for pre-warming prior start of daily production
  • Adjustable temperature of whole dryer unit for consistent drying results

Ecologically friendly and economical

  • Three chamber design with temperature control for energy saving and efficiency
  • Low energy consumption due to heat insulation

Easy and comfortable handling

  • Easy to operate via display
  • Six drying drawers with wide opening and mechanical support of drawer opening and closing
  • Programmable digital timer and count down facility for each drying drawer
  • Audio alarm to signal end of drying time
  • Automatic shutdown after last plate possible
  • Optional remote accessibility and diagnostics available


Maximum plate size (W x L)
1320 mm x 2030 mm (52" x 80")
Electrical connection
230 V, 50/60 Hz (3 Ph/PE) / 400 V, 50/60 Hz (3 Ph/N/PE)
Nominal current
14 A / 8 A
Nominal power
4.8 kW
Exhaust air flow rate
1 x 80 mm Ø - 100 m3/h
Weight gross
1090 kg (2403 lbs)
Weight net
650 kg (1433 lbs)
Crate dimensions (W x D x H)
2730 x 1980 x 1480 mm (107,5" x 77,8" x 58,3")
Recommended ambient temp.
20 - 25 °C (68 - 77 °F)


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