The WOW-Effect of a letterpress plate for Montebello


The growing demand for on-the-go food consumption in smaller portions as well as easy-to-use packaging, expanded in various product segments, and is driving the growth in the global tubes, cups and cans packaging market. This leads to an increased focus on innovations in the packaging industry. To meet the needs of their customers, XSYS optimized the standard nyloprint® WS 83 D to a letterpress printing plate with improved reproduction characteristics
named nyloprint® WS 83 WD. Montebello Packaging used the standard plate for several years, and was happy to test the new nyloprint® WS 83 WD.


“When this letterpress plate was presented to us for testing, the first thing our plate manufacturing technician said was: WOW We love it and don’t want to go back! The ease of QC-ing the new plate and the super clean
washout achieved, was superior to the standard nyloprint® WS 83 D,” said Jay Avrett, Director of Graphics for Montebello Packaging.

Montebello Packaging also claims that there is more exact quality control inspection of the final plate. The top surface of the material is more reflective, and when it’s held under a QC lamp, it’s much easier for platemaking technicians to troubleshoot and visually see potential problems.

The nyloprint® WS 83 WD material gives very straight shoulders in positive line work, deeper reverses, and well-formed dot structures in screens using a traditional fluorescent light source. Furthermore, the wide exposure latitude also helps prevent errors in plate exposure, giving more good plates per day.

“The fact that we can now use the traditional fluorescent light source saves time and energy over the point light exposure method. The optimized surface brings an improved ink transfer, and the improved print quality we achieve is superior,” Jay Avrett continues.

Right one is printed with nyloprint® WS 83 W


The nyloprint® WS 83 WD is best suitable with nyloprint® processing equipment and gives steeper shoulders and deeper reverses. Due time and energy savings, Montebello increased efficiency and serves a high print quality. XSYS continuously introduces new nyloprint® products that improve the experience and results of their users and is dedicated to serve their needs.

Jay Avrett continues, “XSYS has given us great support over the years, and that business relationship and trust is hard to replace. The sales and technical staff have been very helpful to us. I know we get their support moving forward to advance our platemaking efforts and print quality with this new plate.”

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