nyloflex® Xpress Thermal Processor F IV


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Product Overview

New generation of thermal processing – a smart design for greater productivity with less downtime and lower operating costs


Reduced operating costs

  • Lower your electricity consumption – up to 88% less than competitive thermal systems – with the unique, short wave IR preheating system, cleverly designed for precise control of heating depth; no chiller or vapour handling system is required
  • Zoned lamps ensure maximum energy efficiency

Excellent quality & improved productivity

  • Thermal flat top dot and round top dot plates optimized to the infrared preheating system
  • Ideal for Tag & Label, Flexible Packaging and Paper & Board markets
  • All plates greatly resist the non-woven impression and exhibit excellent clean out between dots and reverses for printing consistent solids and fine details
  • High quality thermal plates, comparable to solvent quality, in only 55 minutes from imaging to finishing

Sustainability and health & safety

  • Near elimination of VOCs, low energy usage, and up to 30% less fabric in our developer rolls will substantially contribute to your sustainability efforts
  • Benefit from a safe work environment with our lightweight developer rolls; out of the box, nyloflex®Developer Rolls weigh as little as 12 kg


Maximum plate size (W x L)
1067x1650 mm (42" x 65")
Minimum plate size (W x L)
254x254 mm (10" x 10")
Plate thickness
1.14 mm – 2.72 mm (0.045" – 0.107")
Electrical connection
230 V/ 50/60 Hz (3 Ph/PE) – 43A
Electrical connection (alternate)
400 V/ 50/60 Hz (3 Ph/N/PE) – 26A
Nominal power
9.2 kW
Compressed air
3/8" NPT/ 6.9 bar/ 2.0 m³/h (100 PSI/ 1.2 SCFM)
Ethernet connection
Exhaust air
Ø 6" (152.4 mm)/ min. 1019 m³/h (600 SCFM )
Ambient conditions
65° - 80°F (18°- 27°C)
Weight (uncrated)
1270 kg (2800 lbs)
Dimensions (W x H x L)
1855 mm x 1324 mm x 1740 mm (73" x 52.125" x 68.5")
Weight (crated)
1723 kg (3800 lbs)
Crate dimensions (W x H x L)
2057x1600x2057 mm (81" x 63" x 81")