nyloflex® Seal F 116 D

Photopolymer film based coating plate for inline and offline print finishing

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Product Overview

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  • Digital
Foil based photopolymer printing plate for inline and offline print finishing


  • Especially developed for inline finishing in sheetfed offset presses with flexo coating units and for offline finishing in coating presses
  • For spot and full surface coating in commercial and packaging printing on coated papers and board
  • Excellent stability even with UV coatings and UV inks
  • High contrast colour change
  • Excellent dimensional stability due to thick polyester film
  • Wide exposure latitude
  • High resolution
  • Very good transfer of water based dispersion and UV varnishes
  • High print contrast
  • Superior printing quality with sharper images, more open intermediate depths
  • Increased productivity and data transfer without loss of quality due to digital workflow
  • Consistency in quality when repeating plate processing
  • Cost-effective and more environmentally friendly in processing, as no film is required

Suitable equipment

The nyloflex® Seal F can be processed with nyloflex® processing equipment and all similar devices. The nyloflex® Seal F Digital can be used with all laser systems suitable for imaging flexo printing plates.

Printing inks

and varnishes nyloflex® Seal F and nyloflex® Seal F Digital coating plates are suited for water based dispersion and UV varnishes.

Washout solvents

Especially good results are achieved with nylosolv® washout solvents. nylosolv® can be distilled and reused.

Processing information

A detailed description of the individual platemaking steps, as well as detailed information about processing and storing can be found in the nyloflex® User Guide.

High quality standard

nyloflex® printing plates are manufactured according to DIN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 14001 and DIN ISO 5001 standards and requirements. This process guarantees our customers consistent high quality products and services.


Base material
polyester film
Color of raw plate
violet, with black LAMS layer
Total thickness (mm) (inch)
1.16 (0.046“)
Hardness acc. to DIN 53505
Plate hardness (Shore A)
Relief depth (mm)
Tonal range (%)
at screen ruling of (l/cm)
48 l/cm (122 lpi)
Fine line width (down to μm)
Isolated dot diameter (down to μm)
Elongation constant (mm)
Back exposure (s)
Main exposure (min)
Washout speed (mm/min)
Drying time at 60°C / 140°F (h)
Post exposure UV-A (min)
Light finishing UV-C (min)

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