nyloprint® Flowline Washer DWT 100

Compact, tankless flowline system for washout, drying and post exposure

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High productivity and reliability due to superior construction

  • Flowline system with new design for processing water washable printing plates – washout, rinsing, drying and UV-A post exposure all made automatically in line
  • Less mechanical stress due to a proven “plush“ system that prevents washing away the fine elements
  • Water temperature indicator and flowspeed control
  • Direct water supply to reduce the contamination level in the washout section, thus reducing downtime due to maintenance cleaning
  • Automatic lowering of squeegee roller
  • Excellent quality offering a long service life

Simple operation and convenient handling

  • Simple operation due to a touch screen display
  • Single person operating system
  • Two easily adjustable plush carriers
  • Runs quiet during operation

Further components

  • Includes an “adhesive” carrier plate for processing foil based plates and a “magnetic” carrier plate for steel based plates
  • Optional brushes and a soft squeegee roller available for special applications


Maximum plate width
1000 mm (39.4")
Electrical connection
400 V/50/60 Hz/ 3 P/N/PE (special voltage with sep. transformer)
Nominal current
12 A
Nominal power
8 kW
Fresh water connection
R ½"/ 2 - 4 bar (29 - 58 PSI)
Fresh water consumption
flow rate 0.8 m³ / h (0.47 CFM) at 30 °C (86 °F)
Waste water connection
∅ 40 mm (1.6“)
Compressed air connection
G ¼“/ 6 bar (87 PSI), approx. 200 l/min (7.1 CFM)/ waterfree
Exhaust air connection
∅ 50 mm (2.0")
Exhaust air flow rate
50 Nm3/h (30 CFM) (approx.)
Transport speed
40 - 350 mm/min (0.13 - 1.15 ft/min)
Tube type UV-A
6 pcs./ 60W TL10R
Heating capacity of dryer
6 kW
Weight (approx.) net
600 kg (1323 lbs)
Weight (approx.) gross
1000 kg (2205 lbs) transformer for special voltage: 170 kg (375 lbs)
Crate dimensions (W x D x H)
3300 x 2100 x 1500 mm (129.9 x 72.8 x 59.1")
Transformer for special voltage
880 x 680 x 890 mm (34.7 x 26.8 x 35.0")


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