Flexible Packaging

Plate Processing Equipment

At XSYS, we understand the challenges that shorter runs and changeover downtime create when it comes to overall equipment efficiency and operating costs. Our fully automated plate processing equipment, ThermoFlexX imagers and Catena modules help to increase plate productivity with increased consistency and less waste through damage.

  • Printing plates from XSYS – to meet every challenge

    For a long time now, flexographic printing established its place as the print process of choice for many sectors in the still growing global packaging market. Flexographic printing offers the advantages to print on a variety of different materials like film, foil, plastic, paper and board, using a wide range of inks, and printing with high speeds, offering exceptionally high quality.

  • Your Global supplier of choice

    XSYS is one of the largest global suppliers offering both flexographic and letterpress printing plates, plate processing equipment and is a leading supplier of sleeves and adapters.

  • Strong Research & Development team

    Flexographic printing plates, which are sold under the brand name nyloflex®, are designed to meet every challenge. New improved formulations of photopolymer printing plates are regularly developed to further enhance the quality standards achievable in flexographic printing and to meet the latest market developments, such as printing on new substrates or higher printing speeds. These developments are made in close cooperation with customers, based on their experience and requirements.

  • Years of experience

    XSYS combines experience and the latest trends in technology. With more than five decades of research and development while supplying the packaging industry, we have become experts in flexo and letterpress printing.