rotec® High Speed Sleeve

Bounce reduction for top printing speeds

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Product Overview

  • Bounce Reduction
  • Compressible
  • These products are ideal for high-speed applications, because the construction and materials of these sleeves provide bounce reduction properties.
  • These products have a compressible outer surface for optimized printability.
  • Available with rotec® Ω Technology that provides complete conductivity from the base sleeve through to the surface.


  • Especially designed surface to attain high speed print results
  • Higher print speeds achieved with bounce dampening characteristics
  • Continuous printing for full tone and larger elements
  • High impression latitude
  • Plate and tape savings


Field of Application
Mid-web / Wide-web
Wall thickness
0.118 inches - 4.00 inches (3 mm - 100 mm)
up to 95.5 inches (2400 mm)
Outer diameter tolerance
+/- 0.001 inches (+/- 0.025 mm)
Total indicated run-out (TIR) tolerance
+/- 0.001 inches (+/- 0.025 mm)
Length tolerance
+/- 2 mm


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