nyloprint® WF 80 H

Water washable, hard film based plate for label and rotary letterpress printing, male die for blind embossing

Plate thickness:
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Product Overview

  • Foil
  • Water
  • Analogue


Highest print quality

  • High print contrast with an exceptional tonal range
  • Brilliant halftone gradations due to very fine halftone dots (< 20 micron)
  • Smooth vignettes
  • High resolution – up to 10 160 dpi
  • Excellent solid density due to brilliant ink transfer
  • Very good durability for long print runs
  • Reliably reusable for repeat orders

Efficient, reliable and fast plate processing

  • Wide exposure latitude combined with high intermediate depths
  • Highly productive and cost saving due to plate processing within 20-35 min
  • Reduced down times on press due to fast replacement of damaged plates

Excellent mounting properties

  • High transparency of base film
  • Good colour contrast of print relief
  • Excellent adaptation to different cylinders diameters due to very high flexibility of the polyester base

Suitable equipment

nyloprint® WF plates can be processed with nyloprint® processing equipment and all similar devices.

Printing inks and varnishes

Suitable for UV and oil based inks and varnishes.

Washout medium

For washout only tap water is needed.

Processing information

A detailed description of the individual platemaking steps, as well as detailed information aboutprocessing and storing can be found in the nyloprint® User Guide.

High quality standard

XSYS printing plates are produced at Willstätt production site, which is certified according to international standards for quality management (DIN EN ISO 9001:2015), environmental management (DIN EN ISO14001:2015) and energy management (DIN EN ISO 50001:2018).


Base Material
polyester film
Color of raw plate
Total thickness (mm) (inch)
0.80 (0.031")
Plate hardness (Shore D)
Relief depth (mm) (inch)
0.50 (0.020")
Tonal range (%)
2 – 95
at screen ruling
60 l/cm (150 lpi)
Fine line width (down to μm)
Isolated dot diameter (down to μm)
Distortion factor (mm) (inch)
4.27 (0.168")
Main exposure (min)
3 – 5
Washout at 30°C / 86° F (min)
2.5 – 3.5
Drying time at 60°C / 140°F (min)
10 – 15
Post exposure (min)

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