XSYS – Stronger positioned in the Asian market

Published by Print Innovation Asia

In the new year, Flint Group made an important announcement for the flexographic industry. Flint Group has amassed a great deal of knowledge and expertise about flexographic prepress, from using innovative materials and technologies to create flexographic plates, to processors with a minimal environmental footprint, to software solutions that help automate and control the entire flexographic prepress process.

Now all of these resources are consolidated under one umbrella in a new Flint Group division called XSYS that combines Flint Group Flexographic with Xeikon Prepress. “The merger is not only a result of economic synergies, but above all pursues the goal of offering our customers even better, comprehensive solutions: In prepress, consisting of plate and equipment including the related service. In the case of printers, this also includes sleeves and adapters. Combining the areas under one management in Sales and Technical Service means that customers can be advised and supported more quickly and comprehensively. The merger will optimize decision-making paths and accelerate integrated product development for the prepress market”, stated Friedrich von Rechteren, Global Commercial VP at XSYS.

The sales and service teams of plates and prepress equipment were fully integrated on a regional and global level without losing focus and expertise. The customers thus benefit from faster and coordinated decision-making paths as well as fully comprehensive product advice from a single source. Roy Schoettle, VP Asia Pacific of XSYS, stated, “We constantly pursue the goal of improving our customers’ print quality and increasing competitiveness by optimizing production processes and minimizing downtime. Our primary goal is to use system solutions to push the cost curve of flexographic printing further down and thus continue the success story of flexographic printing. Wherever possible, we use open systems to increase our customers’ flexibility.”

Roy Schoettle, VP Asia Pacific at XSYS

XSYS added two taglines. The first is Print Solid. Stay Flexible. It is designed to convey the company’s dedication to bringing vibrant and innovative solutions to the market. The second is Be Brilliant. This reflects their belief that the world needs brilliance. Brilliant ideas and developments to meet the challenges of the future. Brilliant people who have the courage and will to do the right thing.

These two taglines and the merging of the two divisions under the XSYS brand is particularly suited to meet the broad challenges of a market as diverse as the Asia Pacific region. In a region where you have an extremely wide range of flexographic expertise, from almost non-existent to state of the art, it is important that you meet the very different knowledge levels with innovative solutions that satisfy the seasoned flexo expert as well as the flexographic novice. Printers and repro houses need consultation to choose the right solution for their current and future challenges, therefore, they need partners whom they can trust and who have an in-depth understanding about the entire process from prepress to printing.

XSYS new website and product brochures provide a simple but holistic overview of the market segments they serve and the associated products and systems. Upcoming integrated tools such as a product or market segment selector, will help users find the right solution or product quickly and easily.