Together towards the gold standard of more sustainable flexo printing

Flexo customers demand first-rate solutions all day every day. In addition to aiming for highest print quality, efficiency and versatility, there is a growing focus on more sustainable manufacturing processes and products, which has spurred continuous innovation in flexographic technologies.

To reach individual sustainability targets, every step counts, and through the right strategies and partnerships, they can be achieved faster and more effectively. By combining our expertise across pre-press, press, plate, ink, substrate, sleeve, and plate mounting solutions, we advance towards our shared vision of a more sustainable flexo printing industry


The XSYS plate and Woodpecker surface screening technology deliver high quality, versatility, and sustainability. The nyloflex® FTV, a versatile Flat Top Dot plate is suitable for a wide range of substrates and inks. Regardless if you are using a bank or LED exposure, the nyloflex® FTV delivers best in class performance, helping you to cut down cost during plate processing and on press. The ThermoFlexX Woodpecker surface screening Nano for 7 ECG Process Colors and Woodpecker Nevis for White, enhances perfect ink coverage and opacity while saving ink. Woodpecker surface screening is applied on the fly during imaging and is therefore RIP-software independent, avoiding extra software costs.

The rotec® CFX Adapter, paired with an eco Xtra Ring, is a carbon fiber adapter that enhances print quality by reducing vibrations and allowing higher press speeds. The Eco Xtra Ring enables easy mounting, more efficient job changes using 90% less air, and prolongs product life with a durable end ring.

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For this project, tesa® Twinlock sleeves with “rotec® Hybrid TL” base sleeves were used.
tesa® Twinlock is a more sustainable, reusable plate mounting solution. It features a compressible sleeve with a self-adhesive layer that can be reactivated for each run. As the plate is mounted directly onto the sleeve, no mounting tape is required, avoiding waste and improving CO2 footprint.

Our extensive range and in-depth knowledge of flexographic technology is a gamechanger. No other market player offers both plate mounting technologies (self-adhesive tapes and sleeves), alongside such a range of splicing and process tapes. With a team of dedicated experts, we’ll help you find the solution that’s best for you and will provide onsite training to complement your operational expertise.

The results speak for themselves. From better print quality to greater efficiencies and a verifiable reduction in waste and emissions, we at tesa are your ideal flexo partner.

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BOBST offers connected, digitalized and automated production workflows delivering quality, efficiency, cost and control points for a more sustainable production. While at the same time, providing best-in-class machines and a great service experience. BOBST CI flexo presses are equipped with BOBST Connect features and innovative technologies.

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At Follmann, we’re pioneering specialty chemicals that blend functionality with innovative design. We empower businesses worldwide with tailor-made, sustainable solutions that help them achieve their objectives.
Discover our high-quality, water-based inks, designed for efficient drying at high production speeds. Our inks are produced, transported, and processed without solvents (VOCs), offering significant safety, environmental, and health benefits. They enable a more sustainable printing process by eliminating the need for after-burners, solvent disposal, and distillation units.
Let’s explore how we can support your goals!

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PETROPLAST, a family driven company for all types of flexible packaging. We are offering the knowledge for more sustainable solutions of tomorrow already today. Combined with our partners and stock capabilities we are able to fulfil your need within short term.

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Precise color management guarantees brilliant color results in every market while keeping quality and economical efficiency in mind.
Detailed extended gamut color separation makes prints more sustainable but the perfect outcome is still the result.

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